Freedom of information request response - 05337

FOI request

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HMO Licensing

As of the 30th May 2018.

  1. How many Homes of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) licences were active within in your local authority area?
  2. How many housing units did the total number of active licences issued cover?
  3. How many HMO licences were revoked by your local authority?
  4. How many Section 139 overcrowding notices did your authority issue in relation to active HMO licences?

In relation to all of the questions above I seek information relating the number of active HMO licences as defined by the Housing Act 2004 for both mandatory and discretionary licensing schemes in operation within your local authority area.

In relation to question two I seek a number, which may well be an approximation, for the total number of housing units covered by the number of active licence in each year. For example one HMO licence may cover five flats or bid sets.

Our response

  1. 21 active licenses
  2. 126 housing units
  3. No licenses revoked by local authority
  4. No overcrowding notices served
Response date
03 July 2018