Freedom of information request response - 05213

FOI request

FOI ID number
Speed humps, bumps, cushions and tables
  1. What byelaws exist in your council area concerning public urination?
  2. How many offenders against these byelaws have been subject to a fine on summary conviction in your council area in the following calendar years:
    1. 2010
    2. 2011
    3. 2012
    4. 2013
    5. 2014
    6. 2015
    7. 2016
    8. 2017
  3. What is the value of the fine issued to offenders against these byelaws in your council area?

Our response


Thank you for your Freedom of Information (FOI) request which has been logged with the reference number FOI 05213.

Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for highways.

Please re-direct your request to Freedom of Information at Cumbria County Council.

Response date
11 April 2018