Freedom of information request response - 05243

FOI request

FOI ID number
Bus Shelter, Scotland Road
  1. How much did it cost to remover the shelter at Tara Hill?
  2. Whether Penrith Town Council requested a quote to refurbish the shelter.
  3. If EDC obtained a quote for refurbishment - how much was it?
  4. What is the cost of a replacement shelter?

Please can the planning department report if there were any representations to them about the new development and the bus stop and provide a copy of any response that was provided to anyone who enquired. I understand that the houses were built nearer to the highway than the usual planning criteria. Please can they confirm the position and in particular if there was any relaxation of the planning regulations.

Our response

  1. An invoice in the sum of £200.64 excluding VAT has been paid for the removal of the shelter and making good of the pavement surfacing.
  2. The repair, upgrading or replacement of the existing shelter was subject to a series of discussions held between Eden District Council and Penrith Town Council whether it would be more cost effective and/or preferable to refurbish or replace the existing shelter.
  3. No quotation was obtained for the refurbishment of the shelter as it was considered that this was impractical and cost prohibitive due to the extensive repairs required to the curved perspex roof sheets, and the extensive rusting of the painted steel structure of the shelter.
  4. A quotation was received on 13th July 2017 in the sum of £2719.43 excluding VAT which included a provisional sum of £500.00 for fixing/constructing new concrete bases for the new shelter (which could not be foreseen before removal of the original shelter).

There were no representations sent or received on any app for that site relating to the bus shelter.

Response date
30 May 2018