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FOI request

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Public Space Protection Order
  • How many Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) have resulted in a verbal or written warning, a fixed penalty or prosecution?
  • How has the PSPO been publicised and how much has been spent on administering (including officer time) on PSPO in Eden District in the last 12 months?
  • How are the effectiveness of PSPO being monitored?

Our response

  • The table below displays the number of PSPOs issued for dogs not on a lead
Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) Total
Verbal Warning 10
Written Warning 6
Fixed Penalty Notice 2
Prosecution 0


  • Publicising the PSPO in Eden
    • Creation of new leaflets, made available to Parish Councils, Town councils, Tourist Information Centres and Local Link Centres.
    • Website
    • Local press and community/Parish magazines and newsletters
    • In response to complaints, we also send our leaflet with any letter we send out
  • How much has been spent on administering the PSPO (including officer time) in the last 12 months?

We are unable to produce an exact figure as we do not record the time spent on administering the PSPO (for dog control issues) in Eden.

It is estimated that between 7 and 14 hours per week in total is spent in officer time administering the PSPO by enforcement, monitoring and administration (by way of warning letters/penalty notices and, if necessary, prosecutions).

  • How are the effectiveness of PSPO monitored?

How we usually measure the effectiveness of our work in an area:

    • Reduction in complaints received by the public
    • Community feedback is positive, for example the Parish Council may informally report back to us that they have seen an improvement
    • Visual improvement (in the case of dog fouling)
    • In the case of issuing a warning/fixed penalty notice, has the main perpetrator been spoken to/received a fixed penalty notice?
Response date
29 May 2018