Selling to the Council

We are only a small local authority; however, we are still a relatively large purchaser within the district. This brief guide is for businesses and the opportunities available to them.

What we purchase

We purchase some £4.7 million pounds worth of revenue items every year. Approximately two thirds of this expenditure relates to contracted services, such as refuse collection, grounds maintenance and leisure management. At present, Urbaser, and Greenwich Leisure Limited, undertake these services. This contract will run until March 2022.

The main items of expenditure
Main Items £
Insurance 88,000
Consultants' Fees 272,000
IT Equipment and Software 233,000
Utilities 143,000

We also enter into a range of contracts for capital works. The total Capital Programme over the next four years is approximately £3.5 million pounds and comprises both building and engineering work.

How we purchase

  • Orders below £10,000 - we procure the bulk of our day-to-day supplies and services by orders of less than £10,000. We award orders based on competitive quotations (dependent on value).
  • Orders over £10,000, but less than £60,000 - a minimum of three competitive quotations are invited. We are committed to placing opportunities to provide services on The Chest. ProContract provide the Chest portal. This is an electronic portal on which suppliers can register free of charge. Registration ensures notification to service providers when suitable opportunities arise.
  • Procurement over £60,000 - we seek a minimum of four competitive tenders for this level of procurement. Unless impractical, all such tenders are advertised on The Chest. In some circumstances, we use a Special List, where there are a limited number of specialist suppliers for that particular procurement. In other cases, we use open tendering. In such a case, a tender invitation will appear in the local press, as well as in the relevant trade journal.

Register to be a supplier

Read Supplier Registration Process User Guide ProContract (PDF: 548 Kb / 4 pages) before you register.

Register free with ProContract for The Chest if you think you supply goods and services that we may be interested in.

Useful links:

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Last updated: Tuesday, 16 March, 2021.