Officer delegated decisions

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations came into force on the 5 August 2014. The Regulations require officers to produce written records of decisions that they make.

The principal provisions relating to the recording of decisions by officers are:

A decision-making officer must produce a written record of any decision that falls within what is paragraph 7(2) of the Regulations. Paragraph 7(2) provides a decision that falls within this paragraph if the relevant local government body or committee would otherwise have taken it, but delegates it to an officer of that body either:

  • Under a specific express authorisation; or
  • Under a general authorisation to officers to take such decisions and the effect of the decision is to:
    • Grant a permission or licence;
    • Affect the rights of an individual; or
    • Award a contract or incur expenditure that materially affects our financial position.

We have identified the express delegations to all officers.

Our Constitution, under Part 3, Schedule 1, Delegation of Council Functions to Council Officers includes the express delegations. The delegations are to:

  • The Chief Executive;
  • The Director of Corporate Services;
  • The Director of People and Place;
  • The Assistant Director Governance;
  • The Assistant Director Finance;
  • The Assistant Director Planning and Economic Development;
  • The Assistant Director Commissioning and Technical Services; and
  • The Assistant Director Community Services.

Our Register of Officer Delegated Decisions records all decisions made by one of the officers above.

Officers make decisions in accordance with our policy and strategy requirements.

View list of policies, plans and strategies.

Last updated: Wednesday, 8 September, 2021.