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How decisions are made

Full Council appoints the Leader. The Leader appoints members to the Executive. The Executive makes the key decisions concerning the services we deliver.

Each member of the Executive has a portfolio of services for which they are responsible. Our Constitution sets out how we operate, how we make decisions and the procedures that we follow to ensure that they are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

Who are the Executive Members?

The Council Leader's Portfolio - Strategic and Community Leadership

Shown below are our Executive Members. Click on them to see what they are responsible for and what decisions they have made.

Councillor Kevin Beaty (Conservative Group)
Council Leader

The Leader has responsibility for achieving the Council's priority of a Quality Council and the delivery of our corporate priorities.

Portfolio of responsibilities:

  • Strategic direction of the Council and the Council Plan
  • Strategic leadership
  • Transformation
  • External relations
  • Executive oversight
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Ensuring a balanced budget with the Resources Portfolio Holder
  • Emergency planning and business continuity
  • The allocation of major projects or initiatives, including major employment development initiatives
  • Responsibility for achieving the Council's priority of a 'Quality Council' and the delivery of the Corporate Priorities
  • Council communications

Meet the Leader

The Council Leader holds public surgeries for residents to come along and discuss problems and issues with him. The Council Leader holds public surgeries monthly from 11am until 12 noon across the district. To see when the next surgery is, go to the Council Leader's web page. No appointment is necessary. Members of the public can simply turn up at the Town Hall and ask to see the Council Leader.

For more information:

Communities Portfolio

Councillor Elaine Martin (Conservative Group)

Portfolio of responsibilities:

  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Liaison with and devolution of functions to Town and Parish Councils
  • The distribution of the Community Fund
  • Community engagement and empowerment
  • Sports and recreation
  • Leisure, the arts and cultural services
  • Community safety and crime and disorder
  • Rural issues
  • Children and young people
  • Development of parks and open spaces
  • Working with the Third Sector
  • Armed forces covenant

Economic Development Portfolio

Councillor Mike Slee (Conservative Group)

Portfolio of responsibilities:

  • Economic strategy
  • Economic vitality and development
  • Employment within the district
  • The promotion of apprenticeships
  • Relations with businesses and the Chambers of Trade
  • The implementation of broadband and communication facilities and services within the District
  • Town centres
  • Markets
  • Tourism and tourist information centres
  • Relations with education providers in the district
  • The vitality and viability of the market towns and rural areas in the district
  • The Local Plan
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Leisure, the Arts and Cultural Services

Housing and Health Portfolio

Councillor Lesley Grisedale (Conservative Group)
Deputy Leader of the Council

Portfolio of responsibilities:

  • The delivery of the strategic housing function
  • The delivery of the Council's role as the local housing authority and well-being agenda
  • Housing grants
  • Housing provision within the district and the delivery of the decent homes standard
  • Relations with registered social landlords (RSLs) and housing providers
  • The consideration of housing need in the district
  • Environmental Health and Food Safety
  • Relationships with Environment Agency/DEFRA
  • Climate change
  • Renewable energy/hard to heat homes
  • Public health agenda
  • Older person services
  • Delivery of the 'Decent Homes for All' Council priority

Services Portfolio

Adrian Todd (Conservative Group)

Portfolio of responsibilities:

  • Waste collection and recycling
  • Joint working with the County Council and other authorities on waste
  • Flooding and Resilience Planning
  • Devolution of functions to Town and Parish Councils
  • Street cleansing and ground maintenance
  • Environment agenda (cleaner and greener)
  • Responsibility for the delivery of the priority of a Quality Environment
  • Environmental sustainability and well-being
  • Cemeteries
  • Public Toilets
  • Footway lighting
  • Transport and Car Parking

Resources Portfolio

Councillor Paula Breen (Conservative Group)

Portfolio of responsibilities:

  • Financial management and planning, including ensuring a balanced budget shared with the Leader
  • Financial services
  • Revenues and benefits
  • Land and asset management
  • The organisational structure and management process of the Council
  • Human resources
  • The management of succession
  • Supporting the delivery of the 'Quality Council' priority, particularly in relation to financial services
  • Procurement and procurement strategy
  • Data protection and freedom of information
  • Policy on general fund reserves
  • Oversight of establishing other methods of service delivery (including commercial entities)
  • Representing the Council on SPARSE (the Rural Services Network)
  • Customer services
  • Regulatory and Licensing Policy
  • Legal
  • Democratic Services
  • Equality and diversity
  • Staff and member training
  • Information technology
  • Oversight of complaints (including Ombudsman decisions)

Executive and portfolio holders' decisions

View the Executive and portfolio holders' decisions.

Officer delegated decisions

See our officer delegated decisions to find out more. We have six officers who can make delegated decisions.

Address allocation decisions or amendments

View address allocation decisions or amendments.

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