About Council-owned land and premises

Can you tell me whether the land or premises next to my house is Council owned?

Yes, provided the precise location of the land / premises concerned can be accurately described (see below for information we need in order to help you).

How can I find out who owns private property?

The Land Registry registers the ownership of land and property in England and Wales each time it is sold.

Search for property information from HM Land Registry to find out who owns a property.

See phone menu options for HM Land Registry on GOV.UK for support on using their online services.

If land or property has not been bought or sold recently it may not be registered with the Land Registry, in this case you could ask any neighbours if they know.

Any land or property that is being developed will have details of owners stated on the planning application. Use the address or planning applications reference number to:

Search the planning applications register.

What information do I need to give you before you can tell me whether the Council owns a particular property or area of land?

It is often difficult to accurately describe an area of land over the telephone. As such enquires are encouraged in writing with an accompanying plan. Personal visits, arranged in advance, can review the land terrier and assistance will be given in respect of land ownership. Contact the Estates Officer.

Is there a charge for this information?

Not at present. However, dependent upon the future demand for this service, we may consider introducing a charge to offset Land Registry and administrative costs.

How long will it take you to find out the information I have requested?

This will be dependent upon the level of detail requested and the accuracy of the information supplied and in particular the need for a detailed plan. Generally a written response will be provided within 10 working days. Where this time scale is likely to be exceeded you will be informed accordingly.

Last updated: Tuesday, 6 July, 2021.