Money management

Efficiency and value for money

All the resources we use come from the public, either directly from Council Tax, or indirectly from central government. It is essential that we can show how we use our resources in an efficient way and one that gives Value for Money.

Efficiency and value for money policy

Read our Efficiency and Value for Money Policy (PDF: 507Kb / 10 pages), which gives a clear statement of how we seek to operate in an efficient way.

Annual efficiency report

Read our Annual Efficiency Report 2017-2018 (PDF: 136Kb / 3 pages), which covers efficiency savings achieved and work towards future efficiency savings.

Management of cash balances

Our Treasury Management and Capital Strategy (PDF: 328Kb / 26 pages) was approved by Council in February 2022. This governs the way we manage our investments. To comply with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy Code, we review this document twice a year.

Medium term financial plan

Read our Medium Term Financial PlanĀ 2021-2026 (PDF: 238Kb / 2 pages), which gives an overview of our finances over the next four years. We update our Medium Term Financial Plan several times a year:

  • As part of the Resources Plan (which is the formal commencement of the annual budget process) in September; and
  • As part of the budget process, December through to February.
Last updated: Tuesday, 27 September, 2022.