Budget consultation 2020/2021

We are considering a small increase in our share of the council tax and want to hear your views before making our final decisions on this year's budget.

Our consultation for the 2020/2021 budget will run until 25 February 2020 and you can share your feedback with the Interim Chief Finance Officer at

What have we decided?

Outline budget proposals include an increase in council tax of £5 for a Band D property. This would be the first increase in Eden's share of council tax for four years.

Councillors in the Executive approved the proposals at its meeting on 21 January 2020 and will meet to finalise the figures, taking account of all the responses we receive during the consultation, on 25 February 2020.

View the Executive agenda, 21 January 2020.

On 27 February 2020, all members of the Council will meet to consider the budget and set the share of council tax collected by us.

How is my total council tax bill decided?

We raise £3.9m in council tax, which is only 10.4 per cent of the overall council tax bill that you will pay. For 2019/2020, for a Band D property, this means that £3.67 per week goes towards the cost of running Eden’s services. The suggested increase will cost less than an extra 10p per week.

Council tax payment increases for each band
Council tax band Valuations Annual cost
Proposed cost
Proposed increase
pence per week
Band A Under £40,001 £127.17 £130.50 6p
Band B £40,001-£52,000 £148.36 £152.25 7p
Band C £52,001-£68,000 £169.56 £174.00 9p
Band D £68,001-£88,000 £190.75 £195.75 10p
Band E £88,001-£120,000 £233.14 £239.25 12p
Band F £120,001-£160,000 £275.53 £282.75 14p
Band G £160,001-£320,000 £317.92 £326.25 16p
Band H Over £320,000 £381.50 £391.50 19p

We collect the rest of your council tax bill on behalf of Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and Parish Councils. All these bodies will make their own decisions about their share of the council tax.

Authorities' share of council tax
Authority Amount Percentage
Cumbria County Council £1,385.28 75.6%
Cumbria Police £256.68 14.0%
Eden District Council £190.75 10.4%
Total £1,832.71 100.0%

Percentage of council tax we collect for the County Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner

In rural areas, there is an extra parish precept. This is variable and is set by the Parish Council.

Our remaining funding comes from the Government, including Business Rates and the New Homes Bonus - a grant paid to local councils to reflect housing growth in their area. The Government is encouraging local authorities to become more self-sufficient. Shown below is the proportion of Government Funding compared to Council Tax:

Pyechart showing government funding 48% and council tax revenue of 52%

We are working hard to achieve a balanced budget for 2020/2021 and a sustainable medium-term financial position. Shown below is the funding gap for 2020/2021:

Pyechart showing funding gap of 5%

We have set out our plans in our recently approved Corporate Plan 2019-2023, which sets out the vision and the priorities for Eden over the next 4 years.

View the Corporate Plan 2019-2023.

The success of the plan will rely on our ability to deliver the required savings to balance the budget and deliver this through transformational change to the organisation.

Council approved the One Eden Transformation Programme in November 2019, and more detail, including the savings we need to make to balance the budget, Council will agree in February 2020.

View the Council agenda, Thursday, 7 November 2019.

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