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Vision and opportunities for Eden to 2050

Why are we developing a long-term vision for Eden district?

It’s the district council’s role to help to secure future prosperity and well-being for residents and businesses in Eden. We can achieve this by working with our partners to develop, agree and deliver a shared vision for the future.

Why are we starting developing a long-term vision for Eden now?

The draft Eden Local Plan 2014 to 2032, used to determine planning applications, is set to be adopted as policy this year. This document only looks to the future of our area until 2032. It sets out where new homes and jobs can be created, but already a longer term vision for Eden’s future needs developing.

Agreeing on how our district will grow in the future means we can be less reactive to emerging issues and can place Eden in the best position to grasp opportunities as they present themselves.

Some of these opportunities are already being planned, such as the government’s announcement of the dualling of the A66 from Scotch Corner to Penrith, which will bring significant economic benefits to Eden.

How is Eden's longer-term vision being developed?

The Discussion paper Vision and Opportunities for Eden to 2050 (PDF: 1Mb / 16 pages) has been produced (December 2016) and considered informally by the Council, it has had cross party political support. We are currently consulting with town and parish councils so they can inform us of their aspirations until 2050.

What are the main aspirations of the vision and opportunities document?

The document identifies a number of long-term challenges for Eden, such as delivering more homes, creating higher paid jobs and improving transport infrastructure.

It recognises the role Penrith plays as the main economic driver for the area and in supporting the other towns and villages. Penrith is at the centre of many major arterial routes, dualling the A66 from Scotch Corner to M6 Junction 40/41. Replacing or redirecting routes around congested areas such as Eamont Bridge and Kirkby Stephen would have economic and environmental benefits.

Developing this vision is not just about creating jobs, new homes and improving transport infrastructure. We also have to address long-term educational and health needs, rural isolation, fuel poverty and the needs of an ageing population.

Eden district has a rich natural environment. Enhancing and protecting this asset is a fundamental part of our vision. We recognise that Eden’s geography and cultural heritage helps to create a high quality of life and contributes to the health and well-being of residents and is a fundamental part of a strong visitor based economy.