Recovery plan 2020

Our strategic aim of the Recovery Plan is to Build Back Better in a way that rebalances the relationship between the economy, communities and environment to ensure rapid rebuilding where needed and sustainable growth and improvement into the future. 

A series of interventions, including those already contained in the Corporate Plan and other strategies that align to this approach will be developed and form the basis of bids for funding from Central Government and other sources. In some cases interventions in some sectors will reflect the our contribution to County wide and other plans. Some interventions will be cross-cutting and support more than one theme. We should adopt or adapt interventions that others are using where they fit well with our needs.

We already have a transformation plan in the One Eden Programme that will rejuvenate the organisation. Adapting to the conditions created by the pandemic has meant implementing some of the principles of One Eden, such as flexible working, customer self-service and enhanced cooperation with partners, earlier than anticipated. The success in helping us maintain high levels of services despite the challenges should reinforce confidence in the One Eden Programme as well as the imperative to hold to the timetable for its implementation.

Recovery Plan initiatives

One Eden - move to one operational site; embed a Customer Experience Culture across the organisation; create a dynamic agile organisation, focussing on customers, service delivery, digital technology, accommodation, workforce skills and income generation.

Heart of Cumbria - To increase the supply of affordable homes in Penrith through the delivery of the Heart of Cumbria business plan. To directly support the supply of accommodation for homeless households through the lease of a proportion of Heart of Cumbria properties.

Place making - redevelopment of Mansion House and Town Hall sites to enhance the public realm, and provision of Hotel, leisure and cultural facilities.

New Squares - Review options for lease management of the New Squares development to enable more flexible use of vacant units.

Town centres - work with partners, including Cumbria County Council, to reinvent our town centres for the future.

Marketing Service Centres - Initially working with Penrith Town Action Plan Group and  Marketing Sub-Group, formulate a marketing plan to provide timely 'Covid-19 Secure' information to all businesses in and around the town and provide the marketing template to each of the other three Key Service Centres.

Newton Rigg - details of initiative to be completed once external reviews are published.

Young person and families strategy - work with partners with the aim to retain and attract a working age population to overcome the increasing demographic imbalance, improve health and well-being, and to provide our young people with education, training, employment opportunities and good affordable housing.

Visitor economy - Formulate a recovery plan for the Cumbrian Visitor Economy in conjunction with Local Authorities and Cumbria Tourism. Working in partnership with Cumbria Tourism, agree a countywide business tool kit as guidance instructions become clear and ensure tourism businesses take advantage of the toolkit.

Economic response and recovery - Assist relevant sector panels and the BERRG to contribute to recovery plans and review alignment of the Council’s own internal recovery plans with those of the BERRG or relevant sector panels to ensure alignment.

Circular economy - To develop and support initiatives which look at preserving resources, minimising waste and moving to a circular economy. Projects which promote recycled and recovered materials, support market for remanufactured goods, and remove single use plastics.

Biodiversity - To have an integrated approach, with external bodies, to biodiversity, conservation and carbon off-setting to support our environment.

Supporting food businesses - helping poorer Food Hygiene premises to improve on recovering from COVID.

Supporting the homeless - extend our offer of accommodation for homeless households through working with the private rented sector and the Heart of Cumbria, to deliver more affordable housing and temporary accommodation, and to reduce the need to use B&B accommodation.

Strategic Recovery Board - provide input into the formation of the Recovery Co-ordinating Strategy.  Sharing widely within the Council to ensure awareness of the focus and to that the Council’s own recovery actions are in alignment.

Home Improvement Agency - develop 'Better Homes', speed up delivery of Disabled Facilities Grants.

Licensing - Better Business for all - Support our social economy businesses by giving advice and information on the COVID regulations and restrictions, and encourage establishments to expand and develop their businesses promoting the use of open spaces within the guidelines.

Active Eden/Community health and well-being/ leisure -support Sport and physical activity by providing  and operating facilities for the general public, and giving support and advice to local groups. For example: Cumberland Football Association / ACT / Rural pool group / Fit4All.

Community resilience and recovery: using Eden Community Fund/ Recovery Fund to support to Community / Sports Groups and develop proposals to increase level of available grant. Support work with partners to support people who are suffering from social isolation/mental health, for example: Keyworkers; Forces Link Project (Ex-Service Community support).

Penrith Castle Park continue with proposals to create a more vibrant and well used space with improved facilities and biodiversity.

Digital Eden Community Fibre Partnership - supporting Zero Carbon economy for rural businesses by facilitating the development of broadband within in our rural communities including domestic premises to support education and homeworking. Creating conditions to support technology businesses to set up and thrive in the district. Creating infrastructure and work space, achieving targets towards 100% broadband coverage of Eden District.

Cycling - To encourage increased cycling in the district through improved facilities and support and to promote cycling to work and to increase tourism through better cycle routes.

Innovative events - Assistance for applicants of Temporary Event Notices (Licensing Act 2003) post lockdown, to support pop up events and the local economy.

Low carbon/greening Eden businesses - To improve the competitiveness and financial/environmental sustainability of local businesses focussing; encouraging and facilitating mutual support between local businesses by using local supply of goods and services; providing specialist advice to business