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Have your say in the Council plan 2019-2023 consultation on the Survey Monkey website.

This is the proposed council plan for the next four years. We have come together as a coalition with a shared vision for Eden to be a sustainable community and place. Partnership working and collaboration have brought us together and this will be the key to success in delivering on our ambitions.

We can only deliver this plan through working with residents, the business community, public sector and the voluntary and community sector. In the coming weeks we will be inviting people from all parts of the community to plan the future with us.

We declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency in July 2019. We want to make the Council’s operations zero carbon by 2030; encourage initiatives which help Eden District to become net zero carbon; improve biodiversity while protecting our working cultural landscapes and economies.

We want to be leaders in shaping a sustainable model for living in changing times and for Eden to become a centre of excellence for the latest green technologies.

Eden will be a sustainable place where everyone has an opportunity to prosper. To promote this future we need to deliver a set of key building blocks: a reviewed Eden Local Development Plan, so that our policies raise standards, particularly in affordable housing; improved broadband for our businesses, communities and visitors; and business growth which encourages ambitious young people to live and work in the district.

Getting things done is important to us. We will be reporting back annually on progress in delivering these priorities.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to provide your views on the draft plan and look forward to receiving your comments.

Councillor Virginia TaylorCouncillor Mary RobinsonCouncillor Deb HoldenCouncillor Ali RossCouncillor Lissie Sharp

Councillor Virginia Taylor, Leader of the Council and Member of the Liberal Democrat Group.
Councillor Mary Robinson, Deputy Leader of the Council and Leader of the Independent Group.
Councillor Deb Holden and Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group.
Councillor Ali Ross and Leader of the Green Group.
Councillor Lissie Sharp and Leader of the Labour Group.

Our Vision for Eden

Our vision for Eden is of a place where people act together to meet the needs of all and ensure the well-being of future generations.

Our priorities

In order to achieve this vision, we will focus on four priorities:


Make our Council financially viable, customer focused and zero carbon. Co-produce economic opportunities and strategies which will protect Eden’s working cultural landscapes and biodiversity, aiming to store more carbon than is produced in the District.

By March 2023 we will have:

  • A revised Local Development Framework (Local Plan) for Eden.
  • Achieved financial viability by transforming the Council. This will deliver a new operating model focussing on customers, digital technology, office accommodation, workforce skills and income development.
  • Identified and attained interim targets towards achieving net zero carbon by 2030.
  • A sustainable waste and recycling system.
  • Renewable energy schemes in operation.

Key actions for 2019/2020:

  • Assess the ecological impacts of all Eden District Council’s decisions and actions.
  • Prepare a strategic plan to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2030 which considers all activities for which the Council is responsible.
  • Work with other councils and public and private sector organisations (within Eden, Cumbria, the UK and globally) to determine best practice methods to achieve net zero carbon emissions in Eden District by 2030.
  • Call on the UK Government to provide the powers, resources and funding to meet a 2030 net zero carbon target across Eden District.
  • Recommission waste, recycling and streetscene services to deliver sustainability and value for money.
  • Agree the programme for the review of Local Development Framework (Local Plan).
  • Agree the Council’s new operating model and transformation programme (One Eden).
  • Invest in Heart of Cumbria Ltd to help deliver Council priorities.

Apply the revised scrutiny arrangements and structures recommended by the external review.

Healthy, safe and secure

Improve housing, both new build and existing, working towards self-sufficiency in energy and co-produce healthy, connected, prosperous communities.

By March 2023 we will have:

  • Improved the availability of activities to promote healthy and active lifestyles for all through leisure centres, exercise outreach programmes, arts and countryside.
  • Delivered sustainable housing that meets local need.
  • Provided accessible Eden District Council services to meet changing customer needs.
  • Delivered plans supporting the future of rural communities - transport, rural skills, microbusinesses.
  • Supported provision and use of safe walking and cycling routes in towns.

Key actions for 2019/2020:

  • Develop and deliver a Housing Strategy to meet local needs.
  • Publish a Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).
  • Deliver a strategy which supports innovative, environmentally sustainable and affordable housing.
  • Support Community Led Housing schemes.
  • Deliver a programme to reduce fuel poverty linked to the Zero Carbon Eden Strategy.
  • Conduct a feasibility study for a support service (Homes Improvement Agency) to enable access to grants to improve the condition, energy efficiency and carbon footprint of private rented and owner occupied properties.
  • Produce a review of community grants for launch April 2020.
  • Develop an Eden Local Industrial Strategy to support economic growth, business development and better jobs.


Improve digital connectivity to attract and support businesses, employees and families, connecting Eden with the global economy and knowledge industries.

By March 2023 we will have:

  • Improved links between the community and the Council.
  • Created conditions supporting technology businesses to set up and thrive in the district. Creating infrastructure and work space, achieving targets towards 100% broadband coverage of Eden District.

Key actions for 2019/2020:

  • Form an action plan which aims to achieve maximum coverage of Superfast Broadband in Eden by 2023.
  • Prepare a sector specific Business Growth Programme.
  • Bring together a local strategic partners summit to plan for Eden’s future.
  • Prepare a new model for leisure services provision.
  • Initiate co-production of a plan for the future of Castle Park.
  • Develop a plan for Newton Rigg.
  • Initiate co-production of renewed working arrangements with town and parish councils.


Develop arts and cultural activities to add to town centre vibrancy; support communities; and improve health and well-being. Encourage innovation in tourism and food industries and support businesses to respond to national and global changes.

By March 2023 we will have:

  • Established Eden as a place for artists, craftspeople and digital innovators.
  • Created conditions that support the development of green businesses.
  • Reinvented our town centres for the future.
  • Delivered employment sites which incorporate plans to have net zero carbon emissions.

Key actions for 2019/2020:

  • Signpost carbon literacy training for businesses.
  • Develop an Arts and Culture Strategy.
  • Support the market towns in the delivery of plans for their future.
  • Develop a Town centre plan for Penrith including New Squares
  • Review hotel provision to support the sustainable growth of the local and visitor economy.

Why are we consulting on the plan?

Following the District Council Elections in May 2019, we have listened to the feedback received in response to the consultation undertaken on the draft Council Plan in March 2019, and have now developed this final draft of the Council Plan for 2019-2023.

Who are we consulting?

This is a public consultation and we would welcome responses from residents, businesses, organisations or visitors.

How are we consulting?

Go the Council plan 2019-2023 consultation on Survey Monkey website. Please submit your response by 4 October 2019. We will be holding an event on 1 October at Rheged between 2pm and 5pm. You are very welcome to come and share your views and meet the Leader and Members of the Council.

Consultation Questions:

  1. Do you agree with the 4 priorities of the Council for 2019-2023
  2. Do you agree with the goals and actions identified to deliver the priorities?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for action to make the Council zero carbon and the District of Eden net zero carbon by 2030?
  4. Are there any important issues or challenges for Eden that are not currently included in the plan?

Our performance framework

The goals and promises made in this plan represent wider plans and strategies which contain the detailed milestones and measures for delivery. We will manage this through its performance management framework.

See policies, plans and strategies list.

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