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Council plan

The Council Plan 2015-2019 was approved and adopted at a meeting of Council on Thursday, 17 September 2015, following a period of wide consultation. It is our main policy document and directs everything we do.

The priorities in the Council Plan are set out below:

  • Decent Homes for All - Providing access to good quality housing that both reflects local need and supports employment

  • Strong Economy, Rich Environment - Supporting a strong economy that benefits from and values Eden's rich natural and built environment

  • Thriving Communities - Working in partnership, enabling communities to be active, secure, healthy and connected

  • Quality Council - Delivering accessible, effective and value for money services

The Council Plan 2015-2019 (PDF: 1MKb / 16 pages) is monitored every six months to ensure good progress is being made.

For a poster summary showing a selection of some of the main objectives in the Council Plan see Council Plan 2015-2019 poster (PDF: 631Kb / 1 page)

Portfolio plans

Each of our seven portfolios has its own portfolio plan, which sets out how the priorities and objectives in the Council Plan will be delivered for each year of the Council Plan. The portfolio plans contain specific actions and targets and progress is monitored at six-monthly intervals.