Corporate Strategic Priorities

2022 to 2023


Local Government Re-organisation; plan and negotiate where possible for improved services, resident engagement, and employment. Work with central and local government, and other agencies, to deliver all required process and changes efficiently and in good order.

Develop new Single Site; move to one operational site, working alongside partners to give our Customers a service hub.

Local Plan/Planning; undertake a partial review of the Local Plan, to strengthen policies on two key areas: climate change and design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

Zero Carbon Strategy; deliver the Zero Carbon Eden District Council Strategy and Action Plan 2020 to 2023, making progress on reducing the Council’s carbon footprint to zero by 2030, by improving energy use and biodiversity in Eden District Council estate, promoting community projects in the district, for example community energy schemes.

Biodiversity; manage our own land sustainably, collaborate with external bodies develop and deliver integrated protection and enhancement of natural habitats within Eden ecosystems.

Eden Economic Framework; deliver a work plan and strategy to support growth, business development, and higher wages in a post Covid, twenty-first century rural economy.

Place making; sell Mansion House and develop Town Hall site to enhance the public realm through provision of Hotel, leisure, economic and cultural facilities.

Healthy, Safe and Secure

New Homes; deliver a pilot new build sustainable affordable housing scheme, which is both environmentally sound and capable of being replicated within a reasonable cost envelope; use the learning gained to work in partnership with Homes England and other agencies to deliver similar schemes to meet local needs.

Low Carbon Housing Retrofit Programme; deliver the existing programme , secure new funding where possible, and assist other authorities with Green Homes LAD schemes, ensuring that resources are available to make maximum use of government grants to tackle the triple challenges of low carbon, health and wellbeing and fuel poverty in the housing sector.

Young People and Families; to be active members of the Eden Children and Families Locality working group with the aim to retain and attract a working age population to overcome the increasing demographic imbalance, improve health and wellbeing, and to provide our young people with education, training, employment opportunities and good affordable housing.

Public Realm; support communities to improve their local open spaces, allotments, and play areas, for active leisure, safe outdoor play, and improved biodiversity.

Poverty; we will work across the council to ensure that all residents struggling due to poverty and inequality have access to advice and assistance. Through this work the long term aim is to reduce levels of poverty and financial inequality across the district.

Enhanced Environmental Enforcement; enhancement of environmental enforcement, including fly-tipping & dog fouling.


Community Devolution of Assets; work with parishes and others to progress the mutually agreed transfer of assets to parish and town councils in a timely and cost effective manner.

Equality and Diversity; to carry out a review of our current internal practices, and to develop new policy and staff training with outside consultants.


Town Centres; work with partners, including Borderlands, prepare plans for funding bids to reinvent our town centres for the future, to increase investment, promote their uniqueness and explore creative ways to bring empty units and historic buildings back into use.

Low Carbon/Greening Eden Businesses; improve the financial and environmental sustainability of local businesses by adopting an Eden District Council first procurement policy, and helping local businesses reduce their carbon foot print.

Arts and Culture; develop and deliver an Arts and Culture Programme to enhance the creative and cultural lives of all through greater community participation in Arts and Culture activity throughout the district, sustaining healthy communities and establishing Eden as a great place for young people to live, creative enterprises to thrive, and visitors to enjoy.

Last updated: Monday, 30 May, 2022.