Senior management salaries

Senior Management Salaries
Job Title Salary Band
Chief Executive £110,000 to £114,999
Deputy Chief Executive £70,000 to £74,999
Director of Corporate Services £70,000 to £74,999
Assistant Director Legal and Democratic Services (Monitoring Officer) £60,000 to £64,999
Assistant Director Finance and Human Resources £50,000 to £54,999
Assistant Director Delivery £50,000 to £54,999
Assistant Director Development £50,000 to £54,999
Assistant Director Communities £50,000 to £54,999
Assistant Director Customers and Performance £50,000 to £54,999

Senior salaries and salary count

Budget expenditure by department:

Net Revenue Service Expenditure for 2018-2019

Budget expenditure by department
Department Budget Expenditure
Finance £1,260,000
Governance £6,756,000
All departments Total £8,016,000

Pay multiple

The pay multiple - overview of the Council

This information is based upon the Pay Policy Statement for 2020/21.

The median (average) salary is determined by ordering all employee salaries from the highest to lowest (or lowest to highest) and identifying which salary falls at the mid-point of the range. The mean (average) salary is defined as the total estimated salaries payable in 2019/2020 for the full permanent establishment (headcount) divided by the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) of the full establishment. The pay multiple between the median average salary at the Council (£24,491) and the highest paid employee (Chief Executive) is 1:4.6 The pay multiple between the mean (average) salary at the Council £28,063 and the highest paid employee (Chief Executive) is 1:4. The pay multiple between the lowest paid employee £17,842 and the highest paid employee (Chief Executive) is 1:6.3. The salary of highest paid employee (Chief Executive) is £112,246 per annum.

The definition of 'lowest-paid employee' adopted by the Council for the purposes of the Pay Policy Statement are those employees on the lowest pay point in use by the Council. The lowest pay point in the Council equates to a minimum of £9.25 per hour – Grade A/B; Spinal Column Point 1; £17,842.

Workforce profile

The table reflects that 44 percent of the Council is paid at Grade D, E or F. The median average salary of the whole workforce lies within this at Grade F - top of the scale £24,491 per annum.
Grade Salary scale (per annum) Percentage of workforce Median
A/B/C £17,842 to £18,933 6%  
D/E/F £19,312 to £24,491 44% Median lies at Grade 'F'
G/H/I £25,481 to £32,234 27%  
J/K/L/M £32,910 to £43,857 20%  
Chief Officer £47,163 to £73,363 3%  
    Total 100%
(188 employees as at 1 January 2021)
Last updated: Monday, 20 June, 2022.