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Customer satisfaction survey

Background to the audit

We send customer satisfaction questionnaires to randomly selected customers who have used Council services through the website and contact centre within the previous two months. We sent this August 2018 survey to 237 customers and generated 90 responses - a good 37.9% response rate.

We carried this survey out in two ways. We posted paper forms to customers for whom we had no email address and who had contacted the Council either by telephone, or at one of our reception desks. We emailed online survey forms to customers who had used some of our online services and who had provided a valid email address.

We combined the results and feedback supplied by the two different groups to provide an overall result and also analysed independently to enable us to better understand the needs and perceptions of these two different customer groups.

Overall results and conclusions

The customer services team’s strategic objective for overall customer satisfaction rating is 90% for the year 2018-2019. The overall average satisfaction scoring achieved in this survey is 88.9%, just below the 90% target. This generates a year-to-date average rating of 86.2%, just below the target of 90%.

The detailed analysis identifies a marked difference in the perception of our service between the two different customers groups. The results returned a 5.8% higher rating for contact centre mediated services than the customers who selected to self-serve, online. The only difference between the two groups is how they chose to access the service and, at this time, there is no real difference in how we deliver the service to customers.

It is likely that customers accessing online services will probably also use many online services from other organisations and this will define their expectations of a quality service. For example, online shopping, insurance and road tax renewal. In the other customer group, many respondents left very positive comments about the contact centre service, highlighting the benefits of a personal service and being able to speak to an advisor without having to wait in a telephone queuing system.

We are committed, in the Council Plan of 2015-2019, to improve access to services for all customers. This review highlights the need to understand customer expectations so we can develop and optimise services.

We will use this invaluable insight and feedback constructively to further develop and improve all of our services for customers.

Read the Results of the Customer Satisfaction Audit carried out for services (PDF: 209Kb / 6 pages).