Customer charter

We are committed to providing all customers with an efficient, modern, friendly and professional service. Our vision is that:

"Communities, residents and businesses thrive and prosper throughout Eden's rich environment"

To ensure that all of our customers receive a high quality service, we aim to achieve the following:

In general, we aim to:

  • Action customer requests at the first point of contact, wherever possible.

  • Respect and treat all customers fairly and ensure that the service provides equal outcomes for all customers.

  • Make all reasonable adjustments to adhere to the Equality Act of 2010.

  • Continually review and improve access to Council services.

  • Manage all customer enquiries sensitively and confidentially.

  • Provide customers with clear and accurate information at all times.

  • Use plain English and communicate clearly.

  • Keep any appointments that we make with customers.

  • Be courteous and polite at all times.

  • Publish key service standards and report on how well these are met.

For personal visits to our offices, during published opening times, we aim to:

  • Attend to you promptly and politely. This will be as soon as is reasonably possible and generally within 5 minutes of your arrival at a reception desk.

  • Provide clear signs and information in our reception areas.

  • Ensure staff attending in the reception area are clearly identifiable.

  • Provide facilities which are safe, welcoming, friendly and accessible to all.

For telephone calls we aim to:

  • Answer your calls promptly. More than 80% of all calls to Customer Services on 01768 817817 will be answered within 30 seconds during office hours.

  • Answer all calls professionally and with a personal greeting.

  • Only transfer any call to another member of staff when it is established that someone is there to receive and action the call.

  • Only transfer a call to a voicemail service on the request, or agreement, of the caller.

For correspondence:

  • Please note that emails posted direct to individual officers may take longer to respond to and should not be used as a first point of contact for a new service or enquiry.

  • In general, we aim to respond fully to any written correspondence within 10 working days of receipt at our offices. For complex enquires, where a full reply may take longer, an interim response will be sent out within 10 days and the full response completed within 20 working days.

For home and site visits:

  • All officers will carry and display clear identification on all home and site visits.

In return for these commitments, we would ask that all customers:

  • Treat all our employees with politeness and respect.

  • Inform us clearly about how we can help you.

  • Keep agreed appointments, or inform us promptly if you are unable to attend.

  • Provide any documents or information required to manage your enquiry or service request.

  • Give employees the opportunity to rectify any errors or misunderstandings.

  • Recognise that our staff can be limited by prescribed practice and relevant laws which may restrict their ability to resolve your enquiry or complaint, to your full, personal satisfaction. Whenever this occurs, our┬ástaff will ensure they provide all the facts and information available and signpost you to other agencies, if appropriate.

  • Make all formal complaints in writing.

  • Be aware that any inappropriate behaviour towards our staff may result in actions including, contact restrictions, termination of telephone calls and restricted access to our buildings.

Last updated: Monday, 9 May, 2022.