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Canvass of electors

The Electoral Registration Officer must undertake a canvass each year. This is to ensure that the Electoral Register is complete and accurate.

Letter with household canvass form

Look out for a form checking who's registered to vote at your address.  Make sure you respond by the deadline.  Your vote matters don't lose it.From 23 July 2018, every household in Eden will receive a letter and form called a Household Enquiry Form. The letter will be addressed to the occupier. The form will list all those currently registered to vote at the address.

Household canvass form

You must respond to the form.

The letter will ask you to check the details of the people who are currently registered to vote. Anyone in the household can respond to the Household Enquiry Form. The letter will also give you details on how you can respond to the Household Enquiry Form.

Are the people listed on the Household Enquiry Form correct?

If all the details on the form are correct you can use the text, telephone or online service to respond to the form. Please see the letter for details. If you respond by one of these methods you will not need to send the paper form back. This will save money by reducing the postage costs.

Does the Household Enquiry Form need changing?

If the details are wrong, for example, someone has moved out or you have recently moved in, you need to make the changes and let us know. If you have access to the internet you can make the changes online by following the instructions in the letter. If you use the online service you do not need to return the paper form. If you cannot use the online service, complete and return the form in the pre-paid envelope provided.

What happens when I send the form back?

When we get the household enquiry form back if there are:

No changes to the household enquiry form

We will not contact you again as part of the 2018 canvass.

Changes to the household enquiry form

If you tell us that new people are now living at an address, we will send each new person an Invitation to Register. 

Or they can Register to vote online on GOV.UK.

Each person must register to vote themselves. If they cannot register online they can complete and return the Invitation to Register form.

We cannot update the electoral register from the details provided on the household form. 

If you change the details of the people listed on the Household Enquiry Form, we may contact you again if we need further details.

Household Enquiry Form reminders

If you do not respond to the Household Enquiry Form we are required to send you a reminder, and if necessary, a second reminder. Please help us save money by responding to the first form.

If we send any Invitation to Register form we are also required to send up to two reminders for these. Please register to vote as soon as you can.

Canvasser visit

If we do not get a response to any of the Household Enquiry Forms or Invitation to Register we must send a canvasser to visit the property. Completion of the Household Enquiry Form is a legal requirement. Failure to provide the information could lead to a fine.