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Notice of election for parish and parish wards

For the office of councillor

Notice is hereby given that elections are to be held for the office of Councillor for the Parish Council or Parish Council wards listed below

Parish or parish ward Number of Councillors to be elected
Ainstable (Ainstable) Seven
Ainstable (Croglin) Four
Alston Moor (Alston) Eight
Alston Moor (Garrigill) Three
Alston Moor (Nenthead) Four
Appleby (Appleby) Eight
Appleby (Bongate) Eight
Asby Five
Askham Seven
Bampton Seven
Bandleyside (Colby) Three
Bandleyside (Hoff) Three
Bandleyside (Ormside) Three
Barton and Pooley Bridge Five
Bolton Seven
Brough Seven
Brougham Five
Castle Sowerby Nine
Catterlen Seven
Clifton Seven
Crosby Ravensworth Seven
Culgaith (Blencarn & Kirkland) Three
Culgaith (Culgaith) Five
Culgaith (Skirwith) Two
Dacre Eleven
Dufton Seven
Glassonby (Gamblesby) Five
Glassonby (Glassonby) Four
Great Salkeld Eight
Great Strickland Five
Greystoke (Greystoke) Six
Greystoke (Johnby) One
Greystoke (Little Blencowe) One
Hesket (Armathwaite) Five
Hesket (Calthwaite) Five
Hesket (Southwaite) Five
Hunsonby Seven
Hutton Nine
Kirkby Stephen Nine
Kirkby Thore Seven
Kirkoswald (Kirkoswald) Eight
Kirkoswald (Renwick) Four
Langwathby (Edenhall) Four
Langwathby (Langwathby) Six
Lazonby Ten
Long Marton (Brampton) Two
Long Marton (Knock) Two
Long Marton (Long Marton) Three
Lowther Seven
Matterdale Twelve
Melmerby Five
Milburn Five
Morland Seven
Mungrisdale Nine
Murton Seven
Musgrave Five
Orton Seven
Ousby Five
Patterdale Seven
Penrith Carleton Two
Penrith East Three
Penrith North Four
Penrith Pategill One
Penrith South Two
Penrith West Three
Ravenstonedale Seven
Shap (Shap Rural) Three
Shap (Shap) Seven
Skelton (Hutton-in-the-Forest) Two
Skelton (Ivegill) Four
Skelton (Laithes) One
Skelton (Lamonby) One
Skelton (Skelton) Seven
Sockbridge & Tirril Five
Soulby Five
Stainmore Seven
Tebay Nine
Temple Sowerby Five
Threlkeld Nine
Warcop Seven
Yanwath & Eamont Bridge Five

Nomination Papers

Parish nomination papers are available from the relevant Parish/Town Clerk, or from the office of the Returning Officer at the address below.

Delivery of Nomination Papers

Nomination papers must be delivered by hand to the Returning Officer at the address below on any day after the date of this notice. Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm (excluding bank holidays), but no later than 4pm on Wednesday, 3 April 2019.


If the election is contested, then a poll will take place on Thursday, 2 May 2019.

Absent Votes:

Applications to vote by post and amendments to existing postal votes must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the address below by 5pm Monday, 15 April 2019. Applications to appoint a proxy must reach the Electoral Registration Officer by no later than 5pm on Wednesday, 24 April 2019. Applications for emergency proxies may be made up until 5pm on Thursday, 2 May 2019. Application forms for postal or proxy applications are available from the elections office at the address below.

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