European Parliamentary Election Results 2009

European Parliamentary Election - North West Region

Date of poll: Thursday 4th June 2009
Local Result: Sunday 7th June 2009
Local Counting Area: Eden

I, Kevin Douglas, being the Local Returning Officer for the Eden local counting area, do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each party and Individual Candidate is as follows:

Number of votes recorded for each party
in the European Parliamentary Elections.
Name of Party or Individual Candidate Number of Votes
British National Party 824
Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ`s Lordship" 218
Conservative Party 6096
English Democrats Party 338
Jury Team 113
Liberal Democrats 3257
No2EU: Yes To Democracy 217
Pro Democracy: 89
Socialist Labour Party 122
The Green Party 1561
The Labour Party 1089
United Kingdom Independence Party 2602
Francis Apaloo 42

Rejected Ballots: 199
Turnout: 39.88%