Notice of poll for Hartside district ward

The following persons have been and stand validly nominated.

Persons validly nominated as candidates for election of councillor for Hartside district ward
other names in full
Home address Description, if any Proposer’s name,
seconder’s name and
persons who signed the
nomination paper
BRIGGS, Raymond 6 Crossfell View
CA10 2HU
The Conservative Party Candidate John Howard-Lawson (Proposer)
Peter David Gibney (Seconder)
CASTLE-CLARKE, Susan Jane Address in Eden   Rita M Mark (Proposer)
Ruth Beaumont (Seconder)
KNAGGS, Dave Address in Eden Labour Party Jacqueline A Leah (Proposer)
Helen M Bedford (Seconder)
PARKS, Nikita Address In Eden Independent Susan M Brookfield (Proposer)
Sally M McCullock (Seconder)

A poll for the above election will be held on Thursday, 6 May 2021 between the hours of 7am and 10pm. The number to be elected is one.

The situation of the polling stations and the descriptions of the persons entitled to vote at each station are set out below.

Situation of polling stations
Polling District Polling Station Persons entitled to vote at that station
GG Blencarn Recreation Room 1 to 127
GH Culgaith Victoria Institute 1 to 462
GI Skirwith Village Hall 1 to 160
GR Melmerby Village Hall 1 to 190
GS Ousby Community Centre 1 to 206

Dated: 26 April 2021.