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Devices used to access the website in the last seven day were 52% Desktop, 31.6% Mobile and 16.4% tablet. So 48% of website users use smaller screens. Ask yourself the following questions about your pages.

  1. What does your page look like on a mobile can you use the links easily?
  2. Can someone with fat fingers cope with where you have placed the links?

Writing and placing a link

Write a link below and add a sentence before it, use an existing page for inspiration.


External link

External link is the term used to link to another website.

This is the website I visit most of all is

Internal link

Internal link is the term used to link to another website.

One of the web pages I will be editing after my training is

Document link

Internal link to a document on this website.

One of the documents that has been uploaded by the section is .................... (PDF: Kb / pages)

Anchor link

Anchor link sometimes called a page jump.

For very long pages it is sometimes helpful to add anchors that let you navigate quickly within that page, they can also be linked to from other web pages.
















Add Anchor, then link to it