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Hedgerow removal notice

The Hedgerow Regulations 1997

We have the power to protect hedges in the countryside that are of importance, either ecologically or historically. The Hedgerow Regulations, introduced in 1997, require that anyone who wishes to remove a hedge in the countryside must notify us by submitting an application for Hedgerow Removal Notice (PDF: 422Kb / 3 pages). On receipt of the application, we must consider whether, or not, the hedgerow is 'important'. This assessment is based on a set of criteria contained within the Regulations that cover the age, archaeological, historical, wildlife and landscape value, of the hedge. If it is considered necessary to prohibit removal of the hedgerow, the applicant will be notified within 6 weeks. There are a few exemptions from the need to notify, the main one being that the hedgerow is within the curtilage, or forms the boundary, of a dwelling. Hedgerows that are shorter than 20 metres may not need consent to be removed.

If you wish to remove a hedgerow, you should contact us to check if consent is required.