Diseased trees

Ash dieback disease

Ash dieback disease, Chalara fraxinea, is a serious threat to the health of Ash trees in the UK.

Go to Chalara ash dieback on the Forestry Research website to find out about this disease.

Report dangerous tree pests and diseases

Go to tree alert, on the Forestry Research website to report Ash dieback, or any other tree pests or diseases. It is important if you suspect a case of the disease you report it immediately; as it results in leaf loss and crown dieback and can result in tree death.

For further information:

Find a specific tree pest or disease on GOV.UK, which includes the pest or disease's lifecycle, the type of damage it does, and what to do about it.

See the Forestry Commission section on GOV.UK for contact details.

Last updated: Tuesday, 28 March, 2023.