Planning enforcement plan

What is our Local Enforcement Plan?

As a planning authority, we have a duty to investigate reported unauthorised development. We also have discretionary powers to take planning enforcement action.

As part of our commitment to the delivery of an efficient and effective planning enforcement service, we have prepared a Local Enforcement Plan, in adherence with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, 2018).

The Local Enforcement Plan sets out how we approach and carry out our planning enforcement activities and explains how we will investigate alleged cases of unauthorised development. The plan sets out:

  • How to report breaches of planning control;
  • How we will investigate reported breaches;
  • What advice we will provide and how;
  • When we will take action;
  • When we will not take action; and
  • The legal powers we have and how we will use them.

Where you can see the Local Planning Enforcement Plan

Download the Local Planning Enforcement Plan (PDF: 309Kb / 25 pages).