Object or comment on a current planning application

You can comment on, or object to, any planning application, whether it directly affects you, or not, even if you have not received a letter notifying you of the application.

View current applications online in the planning register.

Alternatively, contact Development Management on the details below to arrange a viewing of the planning application file.

Why should I object/comment on an application?

If you have strong feelings for, or against the application, you should make them known. To be considered, your comment or objection must be on planning grounds.

How long do I have to object or comment on an application?

You have 21 days from the date the Site Notice is displayed at the site.

I want to object/comment on an application

We will only consider comments or objections that are 'material' and relevant to planning, for example:

  • Principle - If you feel that the very nature of the proposal is inappropriate and that the use of land/property should not change.
  • Overlooking - The proposal would lead to previously private areas being overlooked.
  • Overshadowing - The height or proximity of the development would be such that unreasonable overshadowing would occur.
  • Disturbance - There would be unacceptable intrusion in the form of noise nuisance, general disturbance, odour, and so on.
  • Overbearing - The scale of the works means that the property/premises has an oppressive impact on surrounding areas/houses.
  • Out of character - If the design of the development, its scale and use, is such that it appears to be out of character with its surroundings.
  • Road Safety - The development may lead to a significant impact upon road safety.

We will not consider:

  • Issues covered by other legislation.
  • Encroachment onto another person's land.
  • Loss of value to a property, loss of view, and potential difficulties in property maintenance.
  • Private interests of objectors, the effect of the proposal on property values and competition between rival companies.

You can find out more about commenting on a proposed development by going to 'Having your Say' on the Planning Portal.

How can I object/comment?

You must put your comments/objections in writing. You can:

What happens to my objection/comment?

We will let you know when we have received your objection/comment.

If you have asked to speak at a Planning Committee meeting, we will send you a letter inviting you to make representations if that item is to be determined by the Planning Committee. 

Who will see my objection/comment?

Your comment/objection will be placed on the planning file and be available for anyone to see.

How do I know my view will be taken into account?

Your view will be considered and all comments/objections will be summarised in the report on the application.

Who will make the decision on the application?

Most applications are decided by planning officers who have been given delegated powers to do so. However, some applications will be decided by the Planning Committee.

Can I speak at the Planning Committee meeting?

Yes, if you have requested to address the Planning Committee based on valid planning grounds. Please email your request, quoting the reference number of the application to planning.services@eden.gov.uk.

What decision can be made?

  • Approved, possibly with conditions.
  • Refused.
  • Deferred to enable amendments or further information to be submitted.
  • Deferred to enable the Planning Committee to visit the site.

How will I know the outcome of planning applications?

We publish a copy of the Decision Notice on the planning register.

If you have any further queries about planning, there is always a Duty Officer available by phone between 10am and 1pm, Monday and Thursday. If you wish to contact a specific officer, see contact Development Management.

Last updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2022.