Pre-application planning advice for householders

Pre-application planning advice

The Local Government Act 2003 gives Local Planning Authorities powers to recover the costs of pre-application advice. This is in recognition of the time officers have to spend researching information in order to provide answers to prospective developers or applicants. Quite often such proposals do not proceed, which leads to delays in providing responses for those proposals that are likely to go forward.

In recognition of the above, and in common with other local authorities elsewhere, we have decided to introduce charges (see below) in order to provide a more sustainable but effective service to applicants.

The service encourages anyone wanting to carry out development to talk with the local planning authority to obtain informal guidance in advance of submitting a formal application. Any advice offered on the prospect of planning permission is informal officer opinion only and cannot bind the authority in the event of a formal application.

Pre-application planning advice benefits

  • Confirmation as to whether planning permission is required
  • A planning history of a particular site
  • Gives you a clear understanding of current planning policies and other planning issues that may affect your proposals
  • Could save you the cost of submitting a full application if your proposals are likely to be refused
  • An indication of whether your proposals are supported by planning policy

Pre-application planning advice householder developments

Since 1 March 2012 there has been a charge for Pre-application Planning Advice for Householders. This service provides an informal officer opinion on the proposed extension/alteration. For more details about the pre-application advice service, see when do I need planning permission?

Forms and Fees

Pre-application planning advice in the National Parks

Lake District National Park

For advice before you make a planning application in the Lake District National Park.

See do I need planning permission? on the Lake District National Park Authority's website.

Yorkshire Dales National Park

For a pre-application advice service on your development proposal before you submit a planning application to the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

See planning advice service on the Yorkshire Dales National Park website.

Last updated: Tuesday, 29 November, 2022.