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Lazonby Parish Neighbourhood Planning Area

Draft Lazonby Neighbourhood Plan 2014-2029 consultation (Regulation 16)

Notice is hereby given that Lazonby Parish Council has submitted a draft Neighbourhood Development Plan to Eden District Council.

In accordance with the legislation, a six week consultation period on the draft Lazonby Neighbourhood Plan will be carried out from 28 May 2018 and finish at 5pm 10 July 2018.

The following draft Lazonby Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents are available for consultation:

A number of the following documents have been redacted to remove personal information only.

Alternatively, paper copies are available for inspection at:

Comments regarding the draft Lazonby Neighbourhood Plan should be made in writing by 5pm on 10 July 2018 and sent to Planning Policy on the contact details below.

Following the consultation, the draft Lazonby Neighbourhood Plan, associated documents and the responses received during the consultation period will be sent to an independent Inspector to be examined. If the Plan is approved by the examiner, it will then be put to a local referendum.

Once adopted, the Lazonby Neighbourhood Plan will become part of the statutory Local Development Plan for Eden and will constitute a material consideration in future planning matters in the Lazonby Parish area.

Consultation on Draft Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14)

Lazonby Neighbourhood Plan 2014–2029 was open for public consultation (under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) for 6 weeks from Monday 17 July 2017.

When the draft Plan and its associated documents were submitted to Eden District Council for the Regulation 16 Consultation process to begin, it was discovered that not all of the Statutory Consultees listed under Regulation 15 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 had been consulted. Therefore, those missing Consultees were consulted for a further 6-week period between 19 February and 2 April 2018.


The first stage in developing a neighbourhood plan is to designate the 'neighbourhood area' which it will cover. A Neighbourhood Area application from Lazonby Parish Council was approved on 18 September 2014 after a six-week consultation period, which ended on Wednesday, 17 September. Lazonby Parish Council now has the right to produce their own Neighbourhood Plan or Neighbourhood Development Orders.