Consolidated changes to the Eden Local Plan

The Eden Local Plan has reached an advanced stage in its preparation, with consultation on the Further Main Modifications taking place between 6 December 2017 and 24 January 2018.

To assist our officers, councillors and the public in understanding the various modifications that have been made to the Local Plan since its submission to the Planning Inspectorate, we have produced a consolidated version of the Plan that incorporates all of the agreed changes (that is those that have been accepted by the Inspector to date) and those currently proposed by the further main modifications consultation.

This is a working document and may contain typographical errors. We are currently in the process of reviewing the document and any errors will be corrected before the Local Plan is eventually adopted.

View the Eden Local Plan 2014-2032: Consolidated Version - Tracked changes (March 2018) (PDF: 2.45Mb / 137 pages)

View the Eden Local Plan 2014-2032: Policy Map (Inset Map) - Towns, Key Hubs and Villages (PDF: 18Mb / 52 pages)

As a result of the Inspector finding the majority of Local Plan policies sound (see the link to the letter below of 29 November 2017), we can now attach substantial weight to all but five policies in the decision-making process, in accordance with paragraph 216 of the NPPF. However, due to the advanced stage of the Plan, the five Plan policies that are subject to further consultation still carry moderate weight in the decision-making process. These five policies are:

  • AL1 - A Town Plan for Alston;
  • KS1 - A Town Plan for Kirkby Stephen;
  • DEV3 - Transport, Accessibility and Rights of Way;
  • HS2 - Housing to Meet Local Demand; and,
  • ENV10 - The Historic Environment

Read the Letter from the Inspector to Eden District Council (29 November 2017) (PDF: 292Kb / 2 pages)

For a summary on the progress of the Eden Local Plan, please see the briefing note that was circulated to members of the Planning Committee towards the end of 2017.

View the Members' Briefing Note (November 2017) (PDF: 314Kb / 5 pages)

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