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Policies, guidance and evidence

Current policies

Planning applications are decided in accordance with a 'Development Plan' produced by a Local Authority, along with other considerations, for example, the national planning policy.

Since the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework in 2012, Local Authorities are charged with writing a single Development Plan, known as the Local Plan. Under the previous system (known as Local Development Frameworks (LDF)) a folder of documents and separate plans were produced. In Eden's case, we adopted one 'Development Plan Document' through this process, known as the Core Strategy. This contains policies which are now used to help decide planning applications.

In addition, any neighbourhood plans adopted by us form part of the Development Plan. Some older policies from the 1996 Eden Local Plan are also 'saved' and remain in force. We are required to keep a map showing land allocations and constraints, known as the Proposals Map. This means our current Development Plan comprises:

In addition, we have produced a series of documents containing more detail on how we will apply these policies, known as Supplementary Planning Documents, or Guidance.

Supporting documents

The following documents set out how we involve people in plan making, a project plan known as the Local Development Scheme and a report showing how well current polices are working.

The evidence base

We also produce numerous technical reports on topics, including housing, employment, land supply and landscape. Links to information on housing land supply and housing completions and permissions are included on this page.

Policy Documents produced by others

Documents created by the Planning Department do not account for the area of Eden which falls within the Lake District National Park. As a separate planning authority, they produce their own Local Plan. A Local Plan Review consultation is currently taking place and runs from 8 May until 29 June 2018.

The Cumbria County Council also produce guidance which is read alongside the Eden LDF. The Cumbria Joint Structure Plan contains a number of saved policies, which are to be read in conjunction with polices in Eden's Core Strategy. In addition, a Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) is also being prepared by Cumbria County Council  which will set out policies and proposals for minerals and waste developments up to 2018. This will replace the Minerals and Waste Development Framework.

The North Pennines AONB Partnership (of which Eden District Council is a member) has produced the following documents, which are intended to offer planning guidance in the preparation and determination of planning applications:

Forthcoming Policies

We are now working on producing a full Local Plan. We published our 'Pre-Submission' draft to collect comments for the forthcoming Examination on 19 October 2015:

Local Plan for Eden - Pre-Submission Draft.

The first draft of this plan (July 2014), together with the evidence and background documents that informed it:

Local Plan for Eden - Preferred Options Draft.

Prior to publication of this draft we published possible land allocations and policies for employment and housing sites for comment in 2013:

Further documents will be placed on this site once produced.