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Previous consultations for the Housing DPD

What we have done so far

Consultation on Alternative Housing Sites

A large number of Alternative Sites were proposed to us in response to the initial Issues and Options consultation. These sites were the subject of a six week consultation from Monday, 19 May to Friday, 27 June 2008. A report summarising the responses made to the Alternative Sites has now been produced.

Warning: The above files are large documents and may take a long time to download.

Issues and Options Consultation

The first consultation stage took place between Monday, 13 August and Friday, 12 October 2007. It was in the form of an Issues and Options document which asked a series of questions about potential policies. It considered issues that are important in Eden, such as meeting the high levels of need for affordable housing that exist in the District, and suggested options for addressing the issues.

An initial set of sites that had been proposed from a number of sources were also included in the document for consideration. The Issues and Options consultation was the first opportunity for the public to comment on the initial sites that are being considered, as well as to identify and suggest alternative sites that may be suitable for housing development in the future.

Reports summarising the responses to the Policy questions and initial sites are available to download below.

Warning: Some of the above files are large documents and may take a long time to download.

Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment

A Sustainability Appraisal has been produced in order to assess the likely social, environmental and economic impacts of the different options presented. This will help inform later stages of the Development Plan Document. Sustainability Appraisal reports were produced to support the Issues and Options and Alternative Sites consultations.

These Sustainability Appraisals follow on from an earlier Scoping Report published in March 2007: