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Eden Housing Land Supply

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Housing Land Supply

Eden Housing Land Supply 2015-16 (PDF: 17 pages/365kb)

This document outlines Eden’s housing land supply (HLS) for the next 5 years, covering the period between April 2016 and March 2021. The five year land supply is a list of housing sites in the district that we expect to see built out in the next five years. The council is required by Government planning policy to show that it can demonstrate that there is at least five years worth of deliverable sites in the planning pipeline.

There is an annual requirement for us to update the sites within this document, to ensure that new information and circumstances are taken into account. In future years, this information will be incorporated within the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR), which can be found under the 'Current Policy and the emerging Local Plan' pages.

For further information please contact the Planning Policy Section on 01768 817 817 or email

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Eden Housing Land Supply 2015-16 (PDF: 17 pages/365kb)
Eden Housing Land Supply 2014-15 (PDF: 21 pages/445kb)
Eden Housing Land Supply 2013-14 (PDF: 21 pages /413kb)
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