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Examination of the Core Strategy Submission Document

A Public Examination was held to consider the soundness of the Core Strategy Development Plan Document. The Secretary of State appointed Shelagh Bussey (DipTP, DipEM, MA, PhD, MRTPI) of the Planning Inspectorate to conduct the Examination. The first hearing session was held at 9.30am on Wednesday, 2 September 2009, at the Town Hall. David Birchall was appointed as Programme Officer for the Examination and dealt with all procedural, administrative and programming matters.

About the examination

The Exploratory Meeting is a public meeting primarily involving a discussion between the Inspector and the Council about matters on which she requires early clarification.

The Pre-Hearing Meeting is also a public meeting. This meeting is to help the Inspector and all interested parties prepare for the Examination Hearing. How the Examination is conducted, and the procedures to be followed, are outlined at the meeting. Read the Pre-hearing Meeting: Inspector's Guidance Notes (PDF: 145Kb / 7 pages)

The Hearing Sessions Timetable (PDF: 63Kb / 1 page) contains further details of all the sessions.

The Main Matters Issues and Questions (PDF: 302Kb / 19 pages) contains further details of information required by the Inspector.

The Provisional List of Matters and Participants (PDF: 36Kb / 6 pages) contains details of matters to be discussed, dates and specific participants.

Examination documents

You can view all the Core Strategy Submission Background and Evidence Base Documents.

Documents Library

Warning: Some of the above files are large documents and may take a long time to download.

Hearing Sessions - Main Matters and Statements

The statements below are those produced by Eden District Council and various representers in response to the information required by the Inspector.

Main Matter 1A: An Overview of the Soundness of the Core Strategy

Hearing Sessions: Wednesday 2, September (all day) and Thursday 3 September (morning):

Main Matter 1B: Maintaining Sustainable Communities

Hearing Sessions: Wednesday, 2 September (all day) and Thursday 3 September (morning):

Main Matter 2: Legal Compliance Overview

Hearing Session: Thursday, 3 September (afternoon):

Main Matter 3: Living Communities

Hearing Session: Friday 4 September (all day):

Main Matter 4: Working Communities

Hearing Session: Tuesday, 8 September (all day):

Main Matter 5: The Environment

Hearing Session: Wednesday, 9 September (all day):

Main Matter 6: Active and Inclusive Communities

Hearing Session: Thursday, 10 September (all day):

Main Matter 7: Delivery and Monitoring / General Issues / Any outstanding matters from previous sessions

Hearing Session: Friday, 11 September (all day):

Additional Documents for Statements

Responses to EDC's Schedule of proposed amendments in response to the Inspector's questions

You can view the Schedule of Proposed Amendments in Response to the Inspector's Questions (PDF: 139Kb / 13 pages)

Our suggested changes and responses to the Inspector's Questions and Additional Work Arising from the Examination Hearings

Responses to the Composite Document of Suggested Changes and Additional Work

Affordable Housing Consultation

Our Core Strategy Submission Development Plan Document was formally submitted to the Secretary of State along with supporting and background evidence documents. A number of hearings were held in public covering a variety of topics.

Discussions on the issue of affordable housing were postponed in order to allow further consultation on the Economic Viability Appraisal (EVA), Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMAs) and any changes to policy that those documents indicated were necessary.

Economic Viability Appraisal (EVA)

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

Warning: Some of the above files are large documents and may take a long time to download.

Copies of the amended policies and associated documents are available for public inspection at Alston, Appleby, Kirkby Stephen, Penrith and Shap.

Hearing Session - Affordable Housing

On Thursday, 17 December 2009, a hearing session was held to further discuss the issue of affordable housing, following the consultations on the Economic Viability Assessment (EVA) and the SHMAs.

Hearing Session - Employment Land

On Friday, 18 December 2009, a hearing session was held to discuss the issue of employment land, following the production of an Employment Land Study (ELS) which has been undertaken by consultants on behalf of the Council.

Employment Land Study (ELS)

Proposed Post hearing Changes

The document below details the proposed changes put forward by us in response to questions raised by the Inspector and other consultees.

Consultation on Inspectors Proposed Changes

Following the examination hearings in 2009 to discuss the Core Strategy Submission Development Plan Document, the appointed Inspector, Shelagh Bussey, published a number of changes that were open to consultation. The consultation lasted for 6 weeks and ran from Monday, 18th January 2010 until Tuesday, 26th February 2010.

Warning: Some of the above files are large documents and may take a long time to download.

An up-to-date list of Examination Documents and the Background Documents and Evidence Base can be accessed. These documents are also available for viewing during office hours at the Town Hall, Penrith, by arrangement with the Senior Planning Officer (Policy) or Local Plans Officer.