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Adopted Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD)

The Core Strategy is the first Development Plan document intended to replace the old Eden Local Plan 1996. It is the central document of the Local Development Framework and sets out the vision, aims and strategy for spatial development in Eden District up to 2025 and beyond. It provides the framework for the formulation of the more detailed generic and site-specific policies. The document has been prepared after extensive consultation with local residents, businesses, other service providers and numerous Government and non-Government organisations.

The Core Strategy has been subject to a public examination. The Hearing Sessions of the Core Strategy Examination took place in September and December 2009. The Inspector's report of the examination was received by the Council on 22 March 2010. The Core Strategy has been found to be 'sound', subject to some changes specified by the Inspector. The Core Strategy was formally adopted by the Council on 31 March 2010.

The Inspector's report, adoption statement, Core Strategy DPD and associated Sustainability Appraisal can all be downloaded from the list below.

Core Strategy documents

Warning: Some of the above files are large documents and may take a long time to download.

You can view all the Core Strategy Submission Background and Evidence Base Documents.

You can also view the earlier consultation documents for the Core Strategy.