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Background to 1996 Eden Local Plan

The Eden Local Plan was adopted in 1996, providing detailed policies relating to the specific needs of the area within the framework of the Structure Plan. From 27 September 2007, some policies from the Eden Local Plan 1996 have expired. The remainder have been saved to ensure continuity in the planning system prior to the adoption of the new Local Plan (2014 - 2032). View the list of saved and expired policies.

The Council began to review the Eden Local Plan in 2002, but this work was halted with the introduction of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act and the new requirement to produce a Local Development Framework.

The Council did continue to review the housing policies contained within the Eden Local Plan 1996 in order to reflect national policy at that time in Planning Policy Guidance 3 (PPG3) and produced revised housing policies as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

The Eden Local Plan 1996 Online is a static electronic version of the Eden Local Plan originally published in paper form in December 1996. The electronic version contains the same information as the printed document. A paper copy of the Eden Local Plan 1996 is available at a cost of £45.

You can view a 'live' interactive map showing current planning and environment map layers near you using the 'My Eden' mapping service.