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1996 Eden Local Plan: Saved Policies

It is important to ensure a smooth transition from the 1996 Eden Local Plan to the new Eden Local Plan 2014. To achieve this, existing policies can be saved until suitable replacements are produced. See the list of saved and expired policies

The following Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs) are also material considerations when assessing planning applications:

  • Supplementary Planning Guidance
    Farm Diversification (2005)
    The Eden Design Summary (1999)
    North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Agricultural Buildings Design Guide (1998)
    North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Good Practice in the Design, Adaptation and Maintenance of Buildings (2000)
    Parking Guidelines in Cumbria (1997)
    Wind Energy in Cumbria (1997)
    Layout of New Residential Developments (1996)