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Map legend for 1996 Eden Local Plan

The Proposals Map and associated Inset Maps should be read with reference to the text of the Eden Local Plan. The Proposals Map and associated Inset Maps show areas of land which allocated for particular uses as shown on the key below. In each case related policies are listed.

Scales vary between the different maps presented on this website. Please refer to the particular map for scale information.

Boundary colour Administrative Boundaries Related Policies
Red dashed line showing the border of Eden District on 1996 Eden Local Plan Eden District  
1996 Eden Local Plan boundary Eden Local Plan  
1996 ELP Lake District National Park boundary Lake District National Park  
Inset map boundary 1996 Eden Local Plan Local Plan Inset Map (showing map number)  
Dark green solid line showing boundary of the area of outstanding natural beauty Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty NE2, NE11
Dusty pink solid line showing the landscape of county importance boundary Landscape of County Importance NE3
Green dashed link showing natural nature reserve boundary Natural Nature Reserve [1]  
Solid yellow line with yellow cross-hatching inside showing limestone pavement order boundary Limestone Pavement Order NE5, NE11
Thin green boundary with horizontal green lines showing site of special scientific interest bounday Site of Special Scientific Interest NE5, NE11
Red thin line with around pink showing County Nature Site boundary  County Nature Site [2,3] NE6, NE11
Thin solid mustard line with lighter centre Regional Important Geological/Geomorphological Site boundary Regional Important Geological/Geomorphological Site NE6, NE11
Solid oliver green line around a lighter centre showing Ancient Woodland Semi Natural boundary Ancient Woodland - Semi Natural [4] NE11, NE12
Solid green line about a light centre showing the Ancient Woodland Replanted boundary Ancient Woodland - Replanted [4] NE11, NE12
Dashed blue line with lighter centre showing Conservation Area boundary Conservation Area BE1, BE2, BE3, BE4, BE5, BE6
Solid thin bottle green line with horizontal green hatching showing Historic Parks and Gardens boundary Historic Parks and Gardens BE7
Solid thin purple line with cross hatched filling showing Scheduled Ancient Monument boundary Scheduled Ancient Monument BE8
Solid purple line with lighter centre showing Site of High Archaeological Interest boundary  Site of High Archaeological Interest BE9, BE10
Solid blue line with lighter centre showing Site of Potential Archaeological Interest boundary Site of Potential Archaeological Interest BE9, BE10
Solid light green line with lighter centre showing are of Amenity Open Space Amenity Open Space BE15
Solid yellow thin line with lighter coloured centre showing area covered by Land Allocated for Housing Land Allocated for Housing BE19, BE20, BE21, BE22, HS1, HS3, HS5
Solid thin orange line with lighter centre showing area of Land Allocated for Employment Land Allocated for Employment BE19, BE21, BE22, EM1, EM2, EM3, EM4, EM5
Dashed red border with lighter centre showing area of Established Shopping Area Established Shopping Area SH1, SH3, SH4, SH5
Solid thin dark green line with lighter coloured centre showing area of Recreation Land Recreation Land RE2
Thick red dashed line showing protected by-pass line Protected By-pass Line PT2
Solid light blue line with lighter centre showing area of flood risk area Flood Risk Area SE2
Solid thin red line with lighter centre showing area used as cemetery land Cemetery Land SE4

Where no specific proposal has been made for an area of land, the assumption is that existing uses will remain generally unchanged. This does not mean that no new development will be allowed but where it does take place, development should be compatible with the surrounding area and the general policies and proposals contained in the Local Plan.

©Crown Copyright 2010: Reproduced from Ordnance Survey mapping with the permission of the Controller of her Majesty’s Stationery Office. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown Copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings.
Eden District Licence No: 100023754

[1] This was named 'Natural Nature Reserves' on the original printed Proposal Map and Local Plan.
[2] These are now known as Cumbria Wildlife Sites, as designated by the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.
[3] These sites are now shown as a separate layer from the Regionally Important Geological/Geomorphological Sites (RIGS).
[4] Ancient Woodlands were originally shown without any classification.