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1996 Eden Local Plan document

The Eden Local Plan Online is a static electronic version of Eden District Council's Local Plan originally published in paper form in December 1996. The electronic version contains the same information as the printed document, but unlike the original, the maps are in colour and we have provided some handy tools to help you find your way around.

Please note that from 27 September 2007, some policies from the Eden Local Plan 1996 have expired. The remainder have been saved to ensure continuity in the planning system prior to the adoption of the Local Development Framework. View the list of saved and expired policies.

The maps show all of the major geographical features of Eden District (e.g. towns, villages, roads, lakes, rivers and so on) PLUS the various layers of information that relate to the policies outlined in the Local Plan (for example, land allocated for housing and employment, flood risk areas, amenity open space, sites of special scientific interest and so on). There is also a separate map legend, which opens in its own floating window so you can move it around your desktop independently of the maps.

What are the different ways I can find my way around the Eden Local Plan Online?

There are a number of ways you can view the information provided for Eden's 1996 Local Plan:

The first three options (A, B and C) involve easy-to-use browsing and will suit many people, but their downside is that they provide static views of the information only, and you can't manipulate the maps in any way.

Please note expired policies indicated in the list of policies when you view the full text of the 1996 Local Plan (PDF: 686Kb / 109 pages)

A. View the entire Proposals Map at once

This option will load the whole Proposals Map into a new web browser window. You can then pan around it using the scroll bars. You won't be able to zoom or click on anything to get further information - it's simply a case of what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

Warning: This map is relatively large [655Kb]

B. View a selected Inset Map

The inset maps presented here in the Local Plan Online are equivalent to those published in the original printed version of the 1996 Local Plan and the constraints and designations indicated may not therefore be up to date. Please also note that not all settlements have an inset map. View list of Proposals Inset Maps