Orton conservation area

Designation of Orton conservation area

Most of Orton village was designated as a conservation area on 3 August 2009.

Description of Orton

Orton lies at the base of Orton Scar, a prominent limestone escarpment, surrounded and protected by upland fells. The village and its surroundings are characterised by a gently rolling topography that contrasts with the fells. The buildings in Orton range in date with many properties dating from the 17th century. The buildings are laid out either side of the central open green area. A tight-knit area of housing is centred on the market place and village square, this being the oldest part of the village. This part is Medieval in origin. The only remaining building from this period is the Grade II* listed All Saint's Church which rises above the area on a hill. The central green area is bounded east and west by two streams. The streams are a lively and defining feature of the village, criss-crossed by bridges and stepping stones.

Orton character appraisal

Read the Orton Character Appraisal - April 2009 (PDF: 1.01Mb / 33 pages).

Orton conservation area plan

orton conservation area

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