Demolition work

When a building/structure is going to be demolished, the main concern is that of the health and safety of the public and the effect of the demolition on adjacent buildings. The Building Act 1984 requires that any person intending to demolish a building or structure must serve a notice under Section 80 on the Local Authority. The Notice to Demolish should be accompanied by a site plan and a method statement detailing the full demolition procedure, including all measures adopted to protect adjacent buildings and members of the public.

Notification is only required under Section 80 of the Building Act for buildings in excess of 50m³.

We may impose requirements on the way in which the demolition work is carried out, these could include:

  • Limitations on the hours of work
  • Requirements to notify adjoining owners and service providers (for example, gas, water, electricity)
  • A ban on burning any materials on site
  • Provisions to limit the effects on adjoining properties (for example, excessive dust, noise, waterproofing)

The statutory time limit allowed for us to issue a counter notice under Section 81 to any demolition works is 6 weeks.

If you intend to carry out demolition works and are unsure if notification will be required in your particular circumstance, please contact Building Control on the details below. You should also note that if you intend to demolish a dwelling, you may need to obtain planning consent.

See Guidance on Demolitions Building Act 1984 Sections 80-83

Demolition enforcement

Building Control Officers are responsible for ensuring that people carrying out demolition work take the necessary action in relation to health and safety. They may impose requirements on the way in which the demolition work is carried out.

See contact Building Control for list contact details for all Building Control officers.

Last updated: Monday, 15 August, 2022.