Building control exemptions

Certain types of building works are exempt from Building Regulations, these include:

  • Small detached single storey buildings, such as garages, sheds and greenhouses, which contain no sleeping accommodation and are:

    • Not more than 30m².

    • Built of substantially non-combustible materials if the building is less than 1m from the boundary (does not apply if the floor area is 15m² or less).

A porch or conservatory if:

  • It is built at ground level with a floor area of not more than 30m².

  • The location should not adversely affect means of escape from upper windows.

  • Conservatories have at least 75% of the roof glazed and at least 50% of the walls.

  • Safety glazing is installed in critical locations.

  • It is thermally separated from the existing dwelling.

  • The heating system from the existing dwelling is not extended in the porch or conservatory. 

  • A car port open on at least two sides, the floor area of which does not exceed 30m².

You do not need Building Regulation approval to do the following:

  • Install replacement drainage (unless the work involves new drainage or plumbing systems).

  • Carry out minor repairs.

  • Garden walls.

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April, 2024.