How to make a building control application


If you are unsure whether your proposal requires Building Regulation consent, please do not hesitate to contact Building Control.

We will provide pre-application advice on Full Plans applications. We will also give advice and guidance where plans do not show compliance with the regulations. There is no charge for the first hour of advice given, a charge of £47 per hour is payable after this period. We will only check for compliance with the Building Regulations, we cannot design the scheme for you.

Building control application submission

If you are planning to carry out work to which the Building Regulations do apply, we can deal with it more efficiently if you:

  • Discuss the proposal with us beforehand, particularly where complex /unusual forms of construction are being planned
  • Let us have the correct number of plans with the appropriate form and the correct fee
  • Ensure that your proposals adhere to the guidance before submitting your application
  • Make sure that the construction plans are accurate and are drawn in a clear manner
  • Quote the building control reference number when discussing amendments or arranging for site inspections.

There are two methods of giving the required notice that you intend to carry out building work, full plans submission and building notice.

Full plan submission

Most people choose to use Full Plans submission. To make a Full Plans application you need to fill in the correct application form and submit it with the plans for the building work showing exactly what you are proposing to do, these should contain:

  1. A completed AF-01 v1 - Building Regulations Application Form (DOCX: 103Kb / 2 pages).

  2. The appropriate fee.

  3. Two copies of the detailed drawings, three copies if not domestic work (all to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100) of the proposed building works these should include:

    • A plan of the proposed building or extension
    • A cross-section showing the construction details
    • An elevation
    • A block plan at a scale of 1:1250 showing the location of the site and the drainage details
    • An initial fire risk assessment (if the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to the proposal)

Building notice

The second method which can only be used for simple domestic work is known as the Building Notice procedure and involves giving details on the Building Notice form and providing a block plan. Unless the work is very simple, it is not advisable to use this route. A Building Notice submission must include:

  1. A completed AF-01 v1 - Building Regulations Application Form (DOCX: 103Kb / 2 pages).

  2. If the proposal is for a new building / extension to a site, a plan to scale of not less than 1:1250 showing: location, boundaries of site, drainage and any public sewers.

  3. The appropriate fee and estimate if required.

Apply for building control online

Do my neighbours have the right to object to what is proposed in my building regulation application?

No, there are no requirements in the Building Regulations to consult neighbours. Objections may be raised under other legislation, particularly if your proposal is subject to approval under the Town and Country Planning Acts, or if your neighbour is required to consult with you under the Party Wall, etc. Act.

Do I have to pay for the service?

Yes, we charge for the service unless the building work is exempt. A full plans application involves a two-stage payment, one when you submit your plans and one following the first inspection on site.

Go to Building Control Forms and Fees to find out more about payments.

Checking your application

Your application will be checked by one of our building control team. We will acknowledge your application and have a statutory time period of 5 weeks (which is extendable to 2 months with agreement) in which we must determine your submission. We will give both advice and guidance where your plans do not show compliance with the building regulations. Building regulations applications are determined by our Building Control Officers without having to go before a committee and, therefore, a decision can be given as soon as we are satisfied that the plans are acceptable.

You are entitled to commence work at your own risk as soon as the application has been deposited with us. We will co-operate with builders and make site visits before the plans are approved in order to avoid frustrating and expensive delays. If a regulation appears to be unreasonable when applied to your situation, then there may be a case for allowing a variation of that Regulation. You can apply for a variation at any stage even, for example, after the work has commenced on site when an unforeseen obstacle has arisen.


Once the work starts, the builder or owner must notify building control at various stages, so work can be inspected (site inspections) to ensure compliance with the Regulations. Find out more about site inspection of key stages.

Completion certificates

Once the works are complete, we will issue you with a completion certificate providing that:

  1. The required notification has been given and at each stage and the work was inspected and found to be satisfactory
  2. That the completed work is in accordance with an approved set of plans

This is your assurance that the work complies with the Building Regulations. To receive a completion certificate the necessary statutory inspection notices must have been given and a completion inspection must be carried out. The completion certificate is an important document and should be kept in a safe place. A Solicitor will require it if you decide to sell your property and, without it, you may have difficulty. We are not required to issue a completion certificate under the 'Building Notice' procedure. Therefore, in order to receive a completion certificate, a Full Plans application will be required.

Replacement certificates can be provided. There is a charge payable for this service. Please contact us for the up-to-date charge.

Last updated: Monday, 17 April, 2023.