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Road closures

Find out about road closures

For information on incidents, traffic jams, roadworks, any disruptions due to weather and engineering works, see traffic problems in Eden and Cumbria.

Events a road can be closed for

Roads can be closed to allow special sporting events, street parties or parades, or other types of events that attract large crowds.

Who has responsibility for road closures?

We are responsible for temporary road closures, so you will need to apply to us.

Who can apply for a road closure?

Anyone organising an event can apply to have a road closed, although requests usually come from large organisations. We support community events and will consider all applications.

When to apply for a road closure

A minimum of six weeks prior to the event. This enables us to carry out a risk assessment to identify whether, or not, your event clashes with other major events or planned road closures.

Cost of closing a road

If the road closure is for non-profit making events, there is no charge. However, if the closure is for a private or commercial profit making event, you will have to pay £150.

Insurance needed for a road closure

You will need a minimum of £5 million Public Liability Insurance which will provide cover against injury and damages claims. You must also indemnify the Council against all third party liabilities. The Insurance Certificate must be enclosed with the road closure application.

Traffic diversion plans

As part of the application you need to supply a plan showing the extent of the road closure and an alternative route for traffic.

Barriers and diversion signs

Any event on the highway must be adequately signed and the signs must be approved by us.

Other things to be considered

  • is the road closure on a bus route?
  • will there be access at all times for emergency vehicles if required?
  • have you arranged for litter to be cleared away? 

Do I need to publish a road closure in the local press?

Yes, you must cover the advertising costs of publicising the road closure order in the local press.

How do I apply for a temporary road closure?

To apply, please complete and return the application for road closure form (PDF: 140Kb / 2 pages).

to enclose:

  • a valid copy of your public liability insurance;
  • any payments, if required;
  • a traffic plan.