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Potholes are holes in a road where the surface has been damaged, approximately 4cm deep; they should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent accidents.

Potholes in Eden

Potholes in Eden are repaired by Cumbria Highways on most of the roads. For more details, see Cumbria County Council's web page on potholes.

How to report a pothole in a road

You can report a problem with a pothole by telephoning the Cumbria Highways Hotline on 0300 303 2992, giving details of the location, street and postcode if possible. You can report a pothole problem on the highway to Cumbria County Council.

You can also report potholes in the road on the Fill that hole website.

Potholes on the M6 Motorway

Highways England repair potholes on the M6 motorway, or A66 trunk road.

How to report a pothole on a motorway, or on some A roads

Report a pothole to Highways England.

Potential compensation for damage to your vehicle

You can make a claim for compensation if your vehicle has been damaged on a road managed by Highways England. Claim for damage to your vehicle from Highways England.

Unadopted roads

If a road is unadopted, potholes are usually the responsibility of the nearest resident.