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All the roads within Eden district, except the A66 Trunk Road and the M6, are maintained by Cumbria Highways, a partnership between Cumbria County Council, Amey, and Connect Roads, on behalf of Cumbria County Council (CCC). Cumbria Highways also maintain road lighting throughout the district.

Local roadworks

All roadworks in Eden, including utility roadworks, are shown on the roadworks map on CCC's website.

Road spillages

Road spillages such as oil, mud, sand or dropped cargo need to be reported as than can cause a hazard to road users. Read more about road spillages on CCC's website.

Report spillages on road online to Cumbria Highways.

Winter road maintenance

For details of winter road maintenance, such as salting roads, priority routes, clearing footways, grit heaps and salt bins, snow ploughing and clearing roads, forecasting the weather and safety advice for winter driving, go to your roads in winter on CCC's website.

Highway problems

Report problems or defects with a carriageway, flooding, a footway, a street light, summer maintenance, traffic management, traffic signals, winter maintenance. Problems caused by potholes, dead animals, or highway drainage, should be reported.

Report a highway problem online to Cumbria Highways.

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