Contractors' parking permits

A contractor working within a controlled parking zone

The resident of a residential property where a contractor working which is in a disc zone or residents' parking zone should issue the contractor with a visitor parking permit. If the contractor's work is going to take a number of days, the contractor can apply for a contractor's waiver permit.

A contractor working at business premises within a disc zone can also apply for a contractor's waiver permit.

Applying for a contractor's waiver permit

Trades people wanting to park close to where they are carrying out work should request a contractors waiver permit.

Go to parking on the Cumbria County Council website to apply for a contractor waiver permit.

Parking the vehicle

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that a vehicle is parked correctly and that an appropriate permit is clearly displayed in the windscreen. If an appropriate permit is not clearly displayed, this may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

Emergency call outs

Contractors may be subject to emergency call outs and require parking at short notice. Use a visitor permit in these circumstances. If a visitor permit is not available, request a contractors waiver permit.

Last updated: Monday, 5 September, 2022.