Contractors' parking permits

A contractor working within a controlled parking zone

A contractor working at a residential premises within a disc zone, or residents' parking zone should be issued with a Visitor Permit from the resident of the property. If the work is going to take a number of days, a Contractor's Permit can be applied for.

A contractor working at business premises within a disc zone can also apply for a Contractor's Permit.

Parking the vehicle

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that a vehicle is parked correctly and that an appropriate permit is clearly displayed in the windscreen. If an appropriate permit is not clearly displayed, this may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

How to apply for a Contractor's Permit

Contractors who need to discuss on-street parking permit arrangements in close proximity to the work they are carrying out should contact the parking team at Cumbria County Council.

Emergency call outs

Contractors may be subject to emergency call outs and require parking at short notice. A visitor permit should be used in these circumstances. If a visitor permit is not available, contractors need to contact the parking team at Cumbria County Council.

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