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About Penrith triathlon

Penrith triathlon 2016

The 2016 Penrith Triathlon was on Sunday 28 August 2016, it was organised by Arragon's Cumbria Triathlon Club

For further information about the 2016 Triathlon event please contact Arragon's Cumbria Triathlon Club.

Penrith triathlon 2016 results

See Penrith Triathlon 2016 results on Arragons Cumbria Triathlon Club website.

Penrith triathlon 2015

The 2015 Penrith Triathlon took place on Sunday 20 September 2015.

Final results of 2015 triathlon

The overall winner was Jon Fletcher.

Category Name Time
Senior Male Jon Fletcher 01:05:27
Senior Female Sophie Noon 01:20:03
Veteran 40 Male Brian Payton 01:11:41
Veteran 40 Female Karen Bridge 01:20:32
Veteran 50 Male Adrian Sowerby 01:11:32
Veteran 50 Female Doti Scillatchi 01:29:09
Relay All About the Bone Marrow 01:15:08

Breakdown of Penrith triathlon results

Penrith triathlon 2014

Penrith triathlon results 2014

The overall winner was Mark Hopkins.

Category First Second Third
Senior Male (18-39) Brian Payton James Souter Callum Tinnion
Senior Female (18-39) Sophie Noon Debbie Edginton Alison Walker
Veteran Male (V40 40+) Mark Hopkins Colin Semple Jonathan Brown
Veteran Female (V40 40+) Karen Bridge Clare Tromans Wendy Matier
Super Veteran Male (V50 50+) Martin Bluck Paddy Finn Mike Dent
Super Veteran Female (V50 50+) Sue Day Kate Arnold Margaret Jagan
Team - Relay The Old Men - -

Breakdown of Penrith triathlon results

What did the triathlon involve?

The Triathlon is a British Triathlon registered sprint event which includes:

  • Swim 400 metres - Penrith Leisure Centre pool swim
  • Cycle 23 kilometres - on open roads
  • Run 5 kilometres - on adjacent fields.

Who was the triathlon event open to?

The event is open to persons aged 18 years and over on race day, and in recent years has successfully involved beginners to the sport to more experienced athletes. Competitors can enter the event as individual athletes or as a team.