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Current exhibitions

Penrith and Eden Museum has regularly changing displays and a permanent exhibition featuring the history and heritage of Penrith and the surrounding area. The museum also has a wide range of outreach and education sessions.

The History of Freemasonry in Penrith and the East Lakes and 300 years of the United Grand Lodge of England

3 June to 10 September 2017

Freemasons have made, commissioned and used a range of objects, books and documents which together tell the fascinating story of the fraternity. An intriguing selection of such artefacts owned by the Penrith Masonic Hall Trust is being made available for an exhibition to run at Penrith and Eden Museum from 3 June to 10 September 2017 to mark the tercentenary of the United Grand Lodge of England.

On 24 June 1717, four London lodges met at the Goose and Gridiron Tavern near Saint Paul’s Cathedral as a Grand Lodge, and elected a Grand Master to preside over them, and so began the history of modern freemasonry. Freemasonry’s values of sociability, charity, integrity and inclusivity shared by all its members, enabled it to develop into a significant social institution that endures to this day.

The United Grand lodge of England currently has over 200,000 members who meet in 6,800 lodges across England and Wales and the Channel Islands and in a number of districts and lodges across the world. The material to be displayed as well as having symbolic and ritual significance which will be explained, possesses aesthetic appeal, and will be of interest to anyone interested in the decorative arts and design.