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The Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum is an independent support group who meet at the Quaker Meeting House in Penrith between September and April. They host talks on subjects of local and national interest.

The Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum aim to:

  • Support the Museum in its aims and objectives
  • Assist in the acquisition of exhibits especially of a local nature.
  • Give five talks a year on subjects of local and historic interest.
  • Assist the museum in a voluntary capacity when required.

What the Friends do for the Museum:

The Friends assist the Museum with the purchase of objects, especially items with local connections. In the last few years the Friends have bought five items for the Museum, at a cost of £2,700 including:

  • Jacob Thompson painting: 'The Druids Cutting Down the Mistletoe' (May 2016).  A painting by local artist Jacob Thompson (1806-1879) showing figures in a wooded clearing in the Eden Valley with the Bronze Age stone circle of Long Meg and Her Daughters clearly visible in the distance

  • Gold posy ring and Brooches (September 2013). Found on the outskirts of Penrith and inscribed 'Kepe Faith Till Death'

  • Pilgrim's badge (February 2013). A late 15th early 16th century pilgrim's badge of St. George, found near Bolton, Appleby, possibly lost by a local person who had made the pilgrimage to St. George's Chapel, Windsor, where the saint's heart was kept and venerated

  • Pewter chargers (May 2012). Two large chargers were bought privately through a local auction house. These date from the early to mid 1700s, and were made by Abraham Crawley, a Penrith pewterer of distinction when Penrith was a centre of pewter manufacture

  • Roman coin hoard (August 2011). A mass of some 600-700 bronze coins from 320-350 AD found near Shap.

How much does it cost to become a Friend:

  • Ordinary membership: £8
  • Family membership for 2 Adults and Children under 18: £13
  • Junior membership (Under 18): £1
  • Patron: £50 a year
  • Life Member: £80

How to become a Friend of the Museum:

Membership of the Friends is open to all.

Complete the Friends of Penrith and Eden Museum application form (PDF: 127Kb / 1 page) and return to the address on the form with the appropriate fee.

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