Housing advice and assistance

We provide advice and assistance on a wide range of housing related problems.

Many people living in accommodation in the private sector, are unsure of their rights and are unsure where they can go for help. Also, many landlords renting out accommodation are not aware that we can offer impartial advice regarding problems they may experience with their tenants.

We provide advice on:

  • Notices to quit accommodation - this includes notices given to tenants because a tenancy is coming to an end, tenancy agreements that have expired or are expiring, and issues where tenants may have breached the terms of their tenancy agreement (for example, by non-payment of rent).

  • Disrepair - people living in private rented accommodation can often have problems with disrepair and many landlords and tenants are not aware of their obligations. There are also some schemes available to people that own their homes.

  • Deposits - at the end of a tenancy, deposit money may be withheld for different reasons. Advice can be given to landlords and tenants in relation to this.

  • Landlords  - if you have a property to rent within the Eden district, there are a variety of schemes available to assist you.